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Large Scale Vehicle Batteries

AT LAST! Lithium-Ion batteries specifically designed for the needs of the Recreational Vehicle customer! What this means for you:

  • No More Dead Batteries
  • No More Trickle Chargers
  • Ability to Store Your RV/Trailer/Coach, Always 'Ready to Use'
  • Increased 'Dry Camping Time'
  • Reduced Generator Use (Save $!)

How Does It Work and What are the Improvements?

Engine Starting:

  • Replace Up to TWO Lead-Acid Batteries with ONE Li3 Battery
  • Retains 75% Power-Energy Levels Up to Two Years
  • Enters Sleep-Mode If Drained In Storage
  • Always Starts the RV Engine After Storage
  • Increases ALTERNATOR and STARTER MOTOR Life Measurably

House Battery:

  • One Li3 Battery Replaces Up to SIX Lead-Acid Batteries!
  • Always DOUBLES the Amount of Energy MINIMUM!
  • Saves Hundreds of Pounds!
  • Allows FULL DISCHARGE Without Worry! Use ALL the Power, Battery Enters Sleep-Mode with Sufficient Reserve Energy to Always Re-Start Your Generator!
  • Your Generator Will Re-Charge the Batteries in 15 to 120 Minutes VERSUS 2 to 10 Hours! SAVE FUEL!
  • You Will Notice SMOOTHER Slide-Room Actuation!
  • All Vehicle Electronics, Pumps, Motors, Functions Will Experience Longer Life and Fewer Defects and Failure Due to the STABLE Voltage Delivered by Li3 Lithium Ion Batteries!

Contact Us to find the Li3 battery that's right for you!

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12V190A-30H (Code: )

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59 pounds in weight, 12.8 volts, 200 lithium amp hours, full factory automation, Made in the USA, Safety Leader (approved to U.N. International DOT 38.3 for Lithium), 3 year warranty (built with pushbutton or wireless remote NeverDie),  used for RV Deep Cycle with Solar Power capabilities, for marine, fleet vehicles and more

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