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Custom Batteries

High quality batteries with energy adapted to suit specific needs is at a premium in today's market.

At Li3 Battery, LLC you can choose from first-class custom-built products that are tailored to your specifications. That means we can create energy solutions of any shape, energy level and size. We offer power solutions that are viable in a variety of types, capabilities, temperature ranges, sizes and configurations. Whether it's a basic system with well-balanced compositions or a variety of components that Li3 Battery, LLC offers - you can find a solution that fits your needs. Our customized solutions give you batteries that behave in any way you see fit. Whether you're looking for something for your next camping/backpack excursion or powering an inverter for household use, Li3 Battery, LLC can provide you with what you need – when you need it.

No matter what you're looking for, you can expect the following from Li3 Battery, LLC'scustomized solutions:

  • A battery that will be 4 to 7 times lighter than any other battery on the market
  • A battery that charges 3 to 4 times faster than any other battery on the market
  • Perfect voltage that increases the quality of the energy being fed to your application
  • A battery that enhances the life expectancy of your product

That means that you can find a solution for any product, anytime.

Contact Us to find out more about how you can unlock the power of Lithium-Ion batteries!

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